HURRICANE OTTO Benefit Concert

Along the Caribbean coastline, residents of Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado were evacuated before the hurricane hit.  As a result of the organized evacuation, no injuries were reported but there was severe damage to homes and their contents.

According to our Costa Rican friends, the inland towns affected by the hurricane are:  Upala, Guayabo de Bagaces and Bijagua. In these locations, many houses were destroyed, and everything was lost.

This Thursday, December 1st, a disaster relief benefit for Costa Rica will be held at El Cubo de Cuba restaurant from 5-8pm.   Live performances will be provided by the bands Tierra Negra and the Pura Vida Orquestra.  All donations will go directly to the Costa Rican Red Cross to provide relief in the above Costa Rican towns.

Please join with us to donate to this project – and at the same time, enjoy fabulous live music in Portland.  The restaurant/bar is located at 3106 SE Hawthorne Blvd.  Saludos….

December 11, 2016 Portland Planning

We’ve set 1-3 p.m. on Sunday, December 11th as our 1st event planning meeting for when the Ticos come to Portland in 2017.  They are tentatively set to arrive at 11:30 a.m. by bus from Astoria/Cannon Beach on Sunday, September 10th, for a 6-7 day stay with families in the Portland/Metro area.  In 2015 there were 5 Tico visitors and in 2016 there were 12 Ticos; as yet, we don’t know how many will be traveling to Oregon in 2017 – but we need to have plans in place to welcome whomever arrives!  In the last week of September, 2016, our scheduled events included:

  • Both a Welcome Brunch and a Farewell Potluck Dinner (both included time for short speeches and presentation of gifts)
  • Tour of Washington Park and Japanese Gardens
  • Free time with hosts for family activities (shopping at Adidas, Nike, etc.)
  • Tour of Multnomah Falls
  • Tour of Downtown Portland, including recognition by City Council
  • Tour of the Railroad Museum
  • Classical music concert at 89.9FM radio station
  • A jet boat tour of the Willamette River bridges
  • A tour of Pittock Mansion and a visit to Elk Cove Winery and the town of Carlton
  • Small gatherings of hosts/Ticos in private homes (music, game night, etc.)

Please bring YOUR creative self and event ideas on December 11th, as we select our 2017 schedule!  We’ll also be looking for day trip leaders, people to identify/schedule overnight hosts, people to help with meal planning and transportation, etc.  There is lots to do!!  And this year we thought we’d make it even more fun by bringing along a wrapped half-dozen cookies to swap (and maybe a few to share at the meeting??!!).

Hope to see you and your ideas (and cookies!) on December 11th!  Saludos…….

Hurricane Otto creates a destructive path, donations requested


Several news organizations are reporting heavy damage in Bagaces and Upala, Costa Rica.  Our hope is that people will donate to reputable disaster relief agencies as reported in the Tico Times below.   Our thoughts and prayers are extended to our Tico familia.

Here’s how you can donate to Hurricane Otto relief in Costa Rica

Student from National Tech University of Panama visits Portland Chapter before heading to Guadalajara


Andres Polo, a civil engineering and sustainability student from the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, came to Portland during the week of Oct 16-21, 2016 to share his vision of a Partners Student Chapter for Portland.   He is seen here visiting with Don Ruff and Jane Atkinson of Lewis & Clark College.   Andres explained during the interview that many students from all over Panama are interested in studying abroad in order to become more employable in their home countries.   While the idea of student exchange has been integrated into the Partners of the Americas vision for many years, it has been tailored mainly to the needs of high school populations in the US and Latin America.  Because of President Obama’s initiative known as 100k Strong for the Americas,  Andres believes that the time is right for Panamanian higher educational institutions to forge new relationships with colleges in the U.S.   Andres will attend the 2016 Partners of the Americas Conference along with Don Ruff and Karen Graham of our local chapter.   We wish them all safe and happy travels.






New Movie about the Henrietta Boggs, the First Lady of the Costa Rican Revolution

There’s a new movie out called Henrietta Boggs: La primera dama de la revolución that has received some critical acclaim.   The story involves a young woman from Alabama who would visit Costa Rica as a tourist in 1941 and eventually fall in love with the place and the future leader of the nation, Don Pepe Figueres.  I haven’t seen the movie directed by Andrea Kalin, but I would expect a dose of both drama and romance. For more info about the screenings, see the coverage in La Nacion.