A Unique Approach to Cultural Education and English Language Teaching

Teach English in Tilarán

For English as a Second Language Teachers wanting to share their skills with local youth and adults in Costa Rica.

Teaching English in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican government has decreed that they plan for all school children to speak English within the next 5 years.  There are currently two programs within Oregon Partners for teaching English in Costa Rica.  One uses the Jumpstart method, and the other is established in the Costa Rican town of Tilarán, and teaches both adults and school age children.

Read more about each program and let us know when you can be a volunteer teacher in Costa Rica!

Oregon y Costa Rica POA Facebook

Meet our friends going to Costa Rica. Or soon to be arriving.

Yorkin: The Aboriginal people of the Coastal Caribbean

Connect with the indigenous people of Yorkín, Costa Rica. The people are proud of their language, customs and heritage. They are 40 to 50 local families who have welcomed dozens of international visitors and are happy to welcome you as well.

Oregon-Costa Rica High School Exchange Program

Do you know a student who is learning Spanish for their foreign language requirement? Perhaps they are interested in studying abroad? Partners of the Americas has sponsored this student exchange program for almost 50 years with outstanding results.

Climate on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica

The Caribbean weather region stretches from Tortuguero in the north all the way down to Gandoca Manzanillo at Costa Rica’s southern tip.  It also includes the inland towns of Siquirres and Guapiles as well as lush ribbons of rainforest, white sand beaches and coral reef. 

The Caribbean weather region has no definable dry season, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any sun. The least rainy months tend to be February/March and September/October. On average, the Caribbean weather region receives 141 inches of rain per year, with the rainiest months being July, November and December. Despite all the rain, patches of sunshine pierce through the clouds and radiate the landscape in between the scattered showers. All months have at least four to five hours of sun daily except July, the cloudiest and rainiest month of the year. March and April are the sunniest months with more than five to six hours of sun per day. Temperatures are relatively consistent year round with daily averages between 77 and 81 degrees. May, June and October are the warmest months with average daily highs of 88 degree while the coolest day time temperatures are found during January, February, July and December, with an average of 84 degrees. Night time temperatures range from 68 to 71 degrees and are usually cool and comfortable. 

Most days are blessed with trade winds that help buffer the high humidity, The Caribbean weather region is the most humid region in Costa Rica.  Humidity values are fairly consistent throughout the year. March and April tend to be the least humid months at 84 percent humidity while the rest of the year experiences averages between 87 and 90 percent humidity.  June, July, November and December are the most humid with values reaching 90 percent humidity (these are also the rainiest months).

Interested in making a trip into the Bribri indigenous reserve? Take a
look at the meals and accommodations. Enjoy!!

Current Conditions in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

And you might want to see just how much rain is in the forecast.

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