Please fill out the form below and pay using Paypal.

Membership dues help pay for: annual insurance which protects all volunteers; CPA assistance in filing non-profit tax forms; website support fees; volunteer training; ‘seed’ funds to offset fundraising efforts; volunteer/member outreach & recruitment (brochures, business cards, event booth decorations, newspaper ads, etc.), and direct support for our Costa Rican ‘family members’ in the event of catastrophic natural disasters.  Most importantly, your membership dues support our mission of friendship, cultural understanding, and economic support between Oregon and Costa Rica.  Remember: all membership dues and donations are tax deductible!  

Annual Membership Dues
Student $30.00 USD
Individual $40.00 USD
Family $50.00 USD
Contributor $100.00 USD
Grantor $200.00 USD
Benefactor $500.00 USD
Pioneer $1,000.00 USD


Alternatively, you may choose to print and complete this form, then send it with your check, to:  OPOA Member Services:  3220 Forest Gale Drive, Forest Grove, OR 97116

(Please make check payable to Oregon Partners of the Americas.)