Even if you cannot travel to Costa Rica as a Travel Ambassador, or don’t have an available guest room so that you can host a visiting Tico, why not bring Costa Rica to your doorstep as a Day Host Ambassador?  It’s a rewarding experience to give the Ticos  an up-close, insider’s view of your life in Oregon.  Through friendly conversation and everyday experiences, you become part of changing the way others see your culture and the world.  And you just may find that you’ll see your own community in a much different light. 

As a Day Host Ambassador, you can together explore your town’s uniqueness by lending a hand to over-night host ambassadors whenever they are unavailable or need a break from hosting.  You could help your new friends practice English or practice your Spanish with them, perhaps take them to visit a Spanish language class at a local school, help the over-night host by preparing a meal, perhaps take the guest out to a concert or dancing or to a street fair, or simply ensure the Tico guest gets safely to/from your town’s scheduled events.

You could also serve on the activity planning committee, attend both the Tico Welcome and Farewell Dinner, attend the annual OPOA spring business meeting and the annual summer picnic – both of which include terrific potlucks where you will meet many other like-minded Oregonians [aka: new friends!], see OPOA slide shows and photos, and share both travel and hosting experiences. 

You can also help by joining us in attending community outreach events and promoting OPOA through word of mouth with your friends, neighbors and business associates.  Do you like making presentations?  We can schedule something for you at any number of fraternal or travel organizations, schools, governmental agencies, etc. 

Do you have a terrific idea for a new group activity, or a new program/project that would be interesting to OPOA members and/or visiting Ticos?  We want to hear from you!!!!