Teaching in Tilaran 2017

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My first attempt at blogging! Lulu Heavenrich and I [Ned Heavenrich] are attempting to get an English teaching program up and running from February through April. We have some very good applicants who want to go down to CR and be a part of it. Tomorrow we have a telephone call with Naibe Lopez Lopez who is spearheading this effort down In Tilaran to get some details about volunteers coming down. Friday, July 29, Lulu and I will meet with applicants in Portland.

We had our meeting with 8 people in attendance and talked about using the JumpStart curriculum as a base for teaching. There will be two classes daily, an afternoon class for retirees and Companeros and an evening class for high school students and municipal employees. Classes are 90 minutes long and go from Monday through Thursday. We will begin teaching on February 6, 2017 and the final class will be April 27, 2017. We are still looking for volunteers who are willing to teach for 2 week intervals, mainly in April. If you are interested please contact me at nednlulu@yahoo.com.

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  1. I hope we can sponsor some of the teachers who need support to make the trip. Good luck Ned & Lulu!!

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